Event Planning

RecruitmentWe take our duties serious!


We will work closely with you to determine the purpose and scope of your event. You will establish the time and location, and sets a budget. We can assist in establishing the best time and location for your event, if required. Working under these parameters, we seek bids for local meeting places and service providers, such as caterers. If required we arrange lodging and transportations for guests, or arrange meetings and breakfast sessions within a conference. Our duty may include selecting featured speakers for meetings and sending out announcements or invitations. You will have the final say on the location, services and features.

During the Event

We will supervise the setup for your event, including the use of equipment such as sound systems and video screens. While the event is in progress, we will work to keep the guests and host satisfied and strive to meet their needs. As your planner, we will make sure the event stays on schedule and that featured speakers or performers are prepared and cued. At the conclusion of the event we take responsibility for supervising cleanup.

We * Take responsibility for revenue generation and encourage repeat business * Work closely with exhibition organizers, stand designers and contractors * Develop, implement and manage events * Manage all group rooms and banqueting processes and procedures * Liaising with clients at a high level * Oversee procurement of catering, audiovisual, security and rental needs * Manage relationships with sponsors * Prepare delegate packs and promotional material * Supervise and coordinate the activities of personnel, subcontractors and vendors * Take charge of accommodation, schedule, travel, day plans and registration procedures.